Grandetex X Frontier.cool

By applying digital textile design system, it makes simulation of textile pattern and colors to be easy and simple. 

It not only merges sample prototyping process from virtual designs to physical textiles, but also improves communication to be transparent as well as the increase of working efficiency. 

It is time saving and especially it saves prototyping cost and decreases the impact on the environment from disposal of sample waste.

Frontier.cool to build their virtual fabric libraries and economize sampling, shipping, and other production-related costs.

The advantages of e-textile Frontier.cool

Decrease the numbers of making fabric swatch books and the waste of disposing outdated fabric swatch books.

Decrease the numbers of unnecessary stock fabric.

Improve transport pollution problem caused by sending physical fabric swatch books and sample fabrics.

Save the use of resources and improve the impact of pollution issues.

You can download U3M file and each U3M file contains the following 3D data:

Fabric specifications: description, weight, width, finish, and more.

Material metadata: AI-generated maps (layers) such as base, normal, rough, and displacement.

Physical properties: stretch, bend, thickness, etc.